Swissdec certified payroll module

With the extended payroll program from braintec, Swiss companies organize their payroll data in a simple and centralized way on the Odoo business software. The fully comprehensive, Swissdec-certified payroll module meets all legal standards for the electronic transmission of relevant payroll data to various social insurance companies and authorities thanks to the uniform payroll reporting procedure (ELM).

Highlights Swissdec certified payroll module from braintec

  • Simple and automated monthly creation of payrolls as well as complex cost center distributions
  • Automatic surcharges (e.g. flat-rate expenses), deductions (e.g. solidarity contribution) and accrual entries (e.g. 13th month's salary)
  • Calculation of all social insurances such as withholding tax according to EFD in one click
  • Creation of individual payroll master types and any number of payroll processes
  • Automated accounting of reported times of hourly wages
  • Integration with financial accounting and possibility of collective bookings
  • Payment of the recorded expenses (Expenses App in Odoo) on payroll
  • Net Wage Compensation Procedure
  • Industry-independent and in the Swiss national languages German, French and Italian

Benefits of Swissdec for financial managers

  • Transmitting of all required wage data to more than 190 recipients such as tax offices, compensation funds, insurance companies as well as authorities throughout Switzerland.

  • Less administrative work thanks to automated data preparation and no need to fill out various forms anymore.

  • Quick and easy creation of salary statements for Switzerland CH and the Principality of Liechtenstein.

  • Easy and secure data exchange under the highest data protection conditions and ensuring all legal standards.

  • Less verification effort and no excessive premiums and time-consuming error corrections.

Electronic withholding tax transmission

With the salary standard-CH (version 4.0), Swiss employers are able to submit withholding tax electronically in all 26 cantons in Switzerland. With one click!




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Automation of personnel and payroll processes

FernUni Switzerland employs more than 400 employees, of whom around 350 work in teaching and research.

The educational institution handles its payroll accounting with Odoo and has simplified its HR and salary processes thanks to braintec's HR-Suite. The system takes into account the number of lessons and seasonal employment conditions of the teachers as parameters for various calculations.

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